The Team - Click a Picture for a Full Bio

Name:  Quenton
Nickname: Que
     Name:  Frances
     Name:  Nolan
Name:  Lisa
     Name:  Leanne
     Name:  Tracy
Name:  Guy
     Name:  Dave
     Name:  Derek
Nickname: delboy
Club Role: Quartermaster
Name:  Barry
Nickname: BAZ
     Name:  Alistair
Nickname: AliMonster
Club Role: WebMaster
     Name:  Sandra
Name:  Vince
     Name:  Jennifer
     Name:  Nick
Nickname: Colonel Random-Flail
Name:  Eamonn
     Name:  Teo
     Name:  Mark
Nickname: None, at least not that I am aware of !!
Name:  Dave
Nickname: Trotter
     Name:  Sara
Nickname: batty
     Name:  Sonia
Club Role: Treasurer
Name:  Chee-Wai
Nickname: Cheebok
     Name:  Dan
Club Role: Chairman
     Name:  Ben
Name:  Rachel
Club Role: Secretary
     Name:  Richard
     Name:  Peter
Name:  Craig
     Name:  Stephen
Nickname: Gonzo
     Name:  Neil
Nickname: Kraken
Name:  Kim
Nickname: Kimmers
     Name:  Gill
     Name:  Clare
Nickname: The rower
Name:  Neil
     Name:  Glyn
Nickname: Humpers
Club Role: Membership Secretary
     Name:  Jamie
Name:  Sally
     Name:  Rob
     Name:  Caroline
Nickname: Caz
Name:  Emma
Nickname: She Who Must Be Obeyed
     Name:  Jason
     Name:  Giulio
Name:  Wiktoria
     Name:  Matt
     Name:  Emma
Name:  Sam
     Name:  Mark
     Name:  Stephen
Name:  James
     Name:  Garry